Life Skilling
For NDIS Adolescents

For young people who are ready for something new and different, life coaching is a way to help neuro-diverse teens and young adults put them on their path. Coaching is therapeutic but not therapy, so, just like a soccer coach, I'm on the sidelines cheering them on in their game of life, giving them tools and strategies to play their best game.


With someone they trust to talk to, not judge them and 'get' them, they are free to discuss their concerns, challenge their negative thoughts, and voice their hopes and dreams.


By learning to set goals, we work together towards completing a project like Lara who created an online business and market stall, or like Ethan who learned food prep and cooking skills or like Isaac who wanted to find a job. Each of them set their goals and achieved them.

Let me help you set your goals and reach your potential.

Good. Better. Best!