Workshops for Students and Parents 

Workshops are a useful way to support a common problem or achieve a common goal. All workshops are customised for small parent or student groups. If there is a topic you do not see listed below, get in touch!


Workshops can be from 60 minutes to 6 months!


Keep Calm and Carry On!
Peace-Keeping & Negotiations in a Teen War Zone!
Looking for more peace & harmony at home, fewer tears, tantrums or silence? 5 Tips to survive ‘girl dramas’ and keep battle lines neutral!


“If At Once You Don’t Succeed…”.
Building Life Skills, Resilience and Success in your Teen.
Failure is success as is vulnerability a strength. How do we help our teens become heroes not victims of their own life stories?

Perfect People Ain’t Real. Real People Ain’t Perfect.
So What Is ‘Real’? What are the 'masks' we wear? Parents and their daughters will be mask-making to discover what is the Inside and Outside YOU!

Teens & Young Adults

Surviving Stress & Defining Success!

Life doesn't end after the HSC. You are not judged by that number. How you define success and how resilient you are to pick yourself up and try, try again is what matters. This 2-hr workshop shares strategies for stress, acknowledges failure and redirects your future direction with a positive mindset.    

Drama, Drama, Drama!
Do you have great friends or a few ‘frenemies’ who don't treat you very nicely? How do you choose the right people to spend your time with and how can you be the best friend YOU can to others.

Dream Big! Set Goals. Take Action!
Be The Expert In Your Life. Reduce your fear of the Future. Shoot for the stars with easy goal-setting tips, tools and time management to juggle your studies, sports and social life!

What they said...                      3-Day Summer Workshop

"My daughters attended the SELF Program's 3-day Summer Camp. They loved every minute of it and came home with so much useful knowledge about themselves and relationships with others. The tools they learned will be really useful as they start this new school year. Caroline was warm and inviting, and the girls loved working with her and her team. They are looking forward to the next camp to expand on their knowledge!" 


"My 11 year old thoroughly enjoyed her 3-day workshop with Caroline. I think this program created a safe place to investigate topics that pre-teens often think about but don’t necessarily have the opportunity to discuss openly."


"My daughter loved the 3-day program and couldn't wait to go back each day. She loved the activities and completely understood each concept, coming home with examples of how to recognise a fake smile and what makes a good friend. She reminds me of the value of believing in myself and why I must stand up for myself. Wow!"

Small numbers per workshop ensure a more personalised and impactful experience.

Bring a friend, or come alone and make new ones!