I found Caroline through an article on things for teens to do in the holidays.  My son had a tough 2nd half of year 7. He lacked confidence in the playground in particular and at home was being really unkind to his younger brother. He had been bullied and we had reported it to the school, however the school counsellor was not much help. When we saw the doctor about a health issue, I told him about the bullying, and he said he could refer us to Headspace or similar.  It just did not sit well with me, I did not feel at this stage that he had mental health issues, just that he needed a resource other than us. We started in December as I really wanted him to have a strong start to yr 8. Caroline was amazing. She is warm and really engaging and I personally really liked her.  Sessions were held at her workshop and my son met with her alone and had ‘lifework’ to do. After the first session, I could tell he was really trying at home. He started to smile more as well. After the 8 sessions he wanted to know “What now?” We reassured him he could catch up with Caroline if he felt he needed to. He has had a great start to yr 8. On Valentine’s Day I got a card, first one ever, and in it he said thank you for helping him prepare for yr 8! I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who has a child struggling. It helps for them to hear they are amazing from someone who is not family!

Mum of N.P., 13

He smashed it!  High distinction for one of his assignments and the big old scary, long one was also met with great success. He’s doing well and now looking forward to a big holiday. Thank you for your invaluable help and guidance. You were the perfect fit for my son when he was drowning in that massive tide of overwhelm. I have been loudly singing your praises to friends and colleagues and shall continue to do so. Thanks (huge thanks) again. 

Mum of R.N., 22

 Life coaching has helped my daughter a lot personally, she is now sharing what she has in her mind, become more determined with her studies and other extracurricular activities, and she is starting to build confidence. But most importantly, through life coaching, our daughter has improved her relationships with her father, her mum and her sisters.

Mum of I.M., 20 

We found Caroline (or Caroline found us) at just the right time for my teen struggling with identity and his place in the world. From Day 1 Caroline’s observations, insights and suggestions rang true. She was able to develop a great trust and respect and created a ‘safe space’ for genuine conversation and self-reflection. Communication at home has sky-rocketed, feedback from school is similar, and there is no doubt that he is on the right path to greater confidence, increased capacity to communicate in a way that affects change, and contemplation of a future that is achievable rather than overwhelming. Thank you!

Mum of C.M., 15