There wasn’t the constant trying to escalate an argument…there wasn’t the nastiness…she started taking things on board, she receives more privileges now, and she has been instrumental in creating those for herself. It’s given her more confidence, she’s more centred in herself, and one thing I have noticed she’s been happier, lighter in her personality, laughing, joking more, even with her interactions with her brothers. I’ve thought “Oh my gosh, isn’t that amazing!” Our relationship is a lot calmer, there’s a lot more willingness to talk, genuinely, to interact. The coaching process has been a lot less confronting, friendlier and safer than previous therapy which was a constant reminder there was something wrong.

Mum of T.C., 14

I have always been an anxious person, a people-pleaser, a perfectionist and quite frankly my own worst critic. Now whether that was determined by the stars or my parents or as much as I hate to admit, myself, Caroline’s guidance has helped me gain understanding on myself and those around me, disconnected the labels assigned to me and my brain, and doing what I can with the skills I have (which she also made me aware of). In my personal experience as a client/patient/mentee, I have since gained much needed self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-respect, all which I lacked greatly. Though I can’t say I’m the person I’ve wanted to change to, I am genuinely content. I accept myself as myself which is a great lesson I’ve learned to value and apply. I say this with utmost sincerity and truth, Caroline, you are an amazing life teacher and coach and I will always value your guidance and optimism greatly.

L.R., 16

When I agreed to start this program, I was really nervous and scared because I didn't want to open up to someone I didn’t know. After the first session I realised that there was nothing to be scared about because no matter what I said, I knew I wasn't going to be judged. After each session I would always talk to my mum about it and say how many new things I learnt about myself. I have benefited from this because as a teenager, many things change, and you become more independent, so it was a big help because being independent is hard. I would tell other girls and parents that this program may seem like all the others but seriously it's not. It is completely different and gives you information that is essential and really helpful. It's crazy that you haven't tried it out because you need to give things a go and not be scared to try new things.

M.L., 14

I really started to notice within 2 weeks how it was helping me. I noticed what I do, what triggers me. Arguments with my mum used to be every day. Having a coach helped me progress more. It’s having someone sit down with you helping you go through different alternatives you can do and how you can get there. The win/win strategy has helped benefit both sides. My relationship with my mum has changed a lot. She trusts me a lot more. I can go out with my friends and do things without her worrying so much. I have more freedom, I got myself a job and a mobile phone. We have a more friendly relationship and she is more supportive. Coaching showed me how I can change or work with how and who I am, discovering my identity, strengths, weaknesses. It helped with all that.


It has been wonderful to see my daughter discover so much about herself and to see her confidence grow whilst on the SELF Program with Caroline. She has a deeper sense of self-worth. Her relationships have matured, and she is noticeably happier. Caroline connects genuinely with young people and with her warm and open nature she is able to bring out their best and guide them through invaluable self-discovery. My daughter has enjoyed the Program so much, that although it has now finished, she has decided to continue seeing Caroline, which to me is wonderful as it’s proof that she has gained so much from it. Thank you. Caroline. It sincerely has been really valuable for my daughter and all the great work has flowed through to the rest of the family, too! 

Mum of L.R., 16


No-one warned me parenting teenagers could be so hard and that one needs a whole new approach to communication - thank God for Caroline, who just seems to "get" teenagers. Whilst my son was reluctant to be coached, my husband and I continued with Caroline after my son's initial session. Caroline is incredible - she gave us wonderful techniques and shared her invaluable insights into the teenage mind. Thanks to her coaching, my relationship with my son has improved hugely. Following Caroline's lead, we've actually managed to bring some laughter back into our house - thank you Caroline!