My daughter loved the 3-day program and couldn't wait to go back each day. She loved the activities and completely understood each concept, coming home with examples of how to recognise a fake smile and what makes a good friend. She reminds me about the value of believing in myself and why I must stand up for myself. Wow!

Mum of S.P., 12

My daughters (aged 10 and 12) attended the SELF Program's 3-day Summer Camp. They loved every minute of it and came home with so much useful knowledge about themselves and relationships with others. The tools they learned will be really useful as they start this new school year. Caroline was warm and inviting, and the girls loved working with her and her team. They are looking forward to the next camp to expand on their knowledge!

Mum of M.R., 10 & S.T., 12

Coaching was especially helpful, because my daughter was facing some personal challenges; changing schools and adjusting to new friends and community. It has definitely increased her self-confidence, helped her reflect on herself and her personal values and goals. I can see that she has started appreciating herself much more, becoming more organised, and happy. She smiles more, is more confident, she’s started to cook, look after herself and she’s developed some great in-group relationships.”   

Mum of R.R., 15

My daughter was feeling out of control from her anxiety, which caused issues with schoolwork, friendships and how she felt about herself. That’s when I searched for a teen coach and thankfully contacted Caroline from ‘The Self Project’.  Caroline was just what my daughter needed. She is kind, generous and non-judgmental allowing my daughter to open up to her. Caroline is a wonderful mentor who taught my daughter excellent tools to manage her anxiety, how to understand and appreciate different friendships and most importantly how to be kind to herself. She will have these skills for life. I highly recommend ‘The Self Project’ for your teenager. I am so thankful for Caroline and her knowledge.

Mum of C.H., 15