Working with Caroline, my son has been able to tackle some obstacles that were holding him back from living his best life. He has enjoyed creating a resume, cooking healthy meals from recipes and learned wonderful skills on how to be more independent. In doing this together with Caroline, he has increased his belief that he can now do things he thought he could never do. Throughout his sessions, he has been guided to put strategies in place to build his self-confidence, self-esteem, make healthy, good life choices and get aspirations for his future. Caroline is a wonderful, authentic professional who I can highly recommend.

Mum of E.P., 19

My daughter Lara has cognitive, light physical, and hearing disabilities and has been receiving life coaching from Caroline at The SELF Project. Caroline has been an inspirational support to Lara, assisting her to set realistic and achievable goals and then coaching her through the steps needed to achieve them. She has gained enormous skills and confidence through Caroline’s support and is ready to launch an online business and sales of her artwork through other means such as a market stall. None of this could have been achieved without Caroline’s coaching.

Mum of L.S., 22

Before I started coaching with Caroline, I was uncertain, non-confident, non-productive but now thanks to Caroline's work I have become more confident, knowing what I really want and motivated. After each session, I feel better, and I make more and more progress in my projects. Working with Caroline is really beneficial for me as she has plenty of resources and great advice for me. I've learned a lot about myself, what I am truly capable of. And that my handicap isn't an obstacle, so I apply that to make progress in my future projects to prove that I can do it. I really enjoy working with Caroline even if she pushes me, it is for my own good and she does help me a lot, so I'm very grateful to her.

Lara, 22

Before I began my sessions with Caroline, I felt directionless, but working with Caroline has given me a sense of focus and clarity. After each session, I feel confident to tackle the challenges in my life. I have particularly enjoyed learning more about myself from coaching, and how to harness my strong points and better gauge my mood and stress levels. Caroline's advice and strategies have been invaluable in helping me to negotiate challenging social relationships and the demands of a new job, and I look forward to applying these strategies and lessons in the future as well.

J.B., 25

I was looking for some support for my son who has ADHD and ASD to navigate his new school, improve his social skills and to develop a strong sense of who he was in the world. Caroline was the person who supported my son so incredibly in this journey. They quickly developed a bond, and he was able to work with her to navigate the areas he wanted to work on and identify and  build on his strengths. Caroline is always affirming, knowledgeable, open, sensitive and receptive. She “gets” young people and the issues they face and has some amazing ways of drawing out even the most hormonal teenager! My son absolutely loved his time with Caroline, he would finish each session and have so much to talk about with me. His confidence grew, he became more himself and proudly so. We will always be so grateful that we found her, she put the finishing touches on our boy to go out into the world and thrive!


I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Caroline to anyone at any age, so much so that I have also started to work with her myself.