Caroline taught me one very important lesson – we should always be ourselves, focus on our strengths and not be afraid to fail. This was our ‘mantra’ and the main goal that I was trying to achieve. Throughout the program, I developed many important skills and learned new tools. Now I feel more confident in myself, especially as I just moved to a new school, I think this program helped me a lot with engaging in different activities and making new friends, which I know was a bit difficult for me before. In a short period of time, I learned things I needed to know about myself and what’s best for me, and my body. The only thing I’m sad about is the program coming to an end!”

R.R., 15

I’m one of the more difficult clients. I’ve seen many professionals but haven’t returned often. Not with Caroline. Not only was Caroline able to get to the crux of the matter, but I was also equipped with tools and strategies which were actually practical. She really cares and is determined to help and find a way. I’ve since learned how to turn a bad day around, and not allow excuses, which I once thought were valid, to stop me from achieving my goals. I’m more productive and prepared to face challenges successfully. What really set Caroline apart is her ability to pinpoint the underlying cause and assert what I may not want to hear, but actually need to hear. I found her to be both insightful - and practical, understanding - and determined. Because of her warm and resolute nature, I wound up opening up to her more than I originally planned, and our sessions became more valuable and meaningful. I’ll be using the tips she’s given me for the rest of my life. Thanks Caroline! Eternally grateful. 

R.A., 29

As a parent you like to think you can fix things for your kids - but when they are facing challenges and tough times, it’s hard to know what to do and what not to do. We realised that we needed a new approach for our daughter after yet another counselling session when she said: "I'm sick of being asked how I feel - why can’t someone help me understand what I can do!” We realised then that we needed a new approach, a problem-solving approach and we are so grateful we found Caroline. Her holistic, practical and pragmatic approach meant that "labels" and "analysis" was replaced with real life skills, direction and positivity. We saw change from the very first visit. Our daughter uses the practical and real strategies to this day. The reason Caroline can do this so well is that she is authentic, she looks at the whole person and their family to understand the issues and she genuinely cares about the outcomes. Caroline is a remarkable person delivering a unique service and we greatly value how she helped our daughter and our family. 

Mum of H.F., 15

Before I began my sessions with Caroline, I felt directionless, but working with her has given me a sense of focus and clarity. After each session, I felt more confident to tackle the challenges in my life. I have particularly enjoyed learning more about myself from coaching, and how to harness my strong points and better gauge my mood and stress levels. Caroline's advice and strategies have been invaluable in helping me to negotiate challenging social relationships and the demands of a new job, and I look forward to applying these strategies and lessons in the future as well.

J.B., 25

 Thank you for looking after me for the last several months. It was a fascinating journey :) Back in February I was no longer able to cope with my negative emotions and thoughts. There was a lack of understanding as to where my pessimism and frustration originated from. My sessions with Caroline helped to analyse and understand my habits and taught me how to apply special tools to clear the headspace and prioritise what is important now. Now I feel more confident and capable to move forward in my life. 

K.K., 30