It can be confusing trying to develop your own identity when so much is ‘out there’ on social media telling you who you should be, what you should look like, how you should behave and what you should wear. Finding, discovering, uncovering and developing your very own unique Brand and Identity is one of the most important journeys you will take and it’s a journey that does take a lifetime!

COACHING HELPS you seek and find, in a safe, non-judgmental space, and gives you the opportunity to ‘try your Identity on for size’!


We know how important our friends are. To you they are EVERYTHING! And most times they are wonderful, but other times they can be truly mean ‘Frenemies’ and ruin your entire week!

COACHING HELPS you choose and keep good friends, question the value of others, be a good friend to some and push against the expectations you have of others to mix in certain ‘cliques’.


The future can be pretty daunting; it’s filled with unknowns like what you will end up studying, doing or being. And for adolescents under pressure you may not be sure of what it holds.

COACHING HELPS take some of the pressure off by getting you better prepared; motivating and goal setting, producing your resume, course/job searching or completing applications and preparing for interviews to achieve your dreams.


School and uni is where most of your young years are spent and, not surprisingly, this takes up a lot of the coaching discussions; the stress of work loads, time management, expectations, be it personal, parental, teacher or social.

COACHING HELPS prioritise, goal set, time-manage and possibly enjoy the experience of studying just a bit more, once you realise it’s all in your best interests!


Yes, parents are annoying in your eyes, but so are kids! Learning to appreciate, value and contribute to the family is all part of growing up and finding where you fit.

COACHING HELPS to enhance or improve relationships with parents, and introduce strategies to reduce conflict, increase quality interactions and reach a win/win in communications. It’s a favourite topic!


Body image is one of the top issues affecting both boys and girls today, with 80% of teenage girls believing the media sets unrealistic and unattainable standards for beauty.

COACHING HELPS with developing a healthier awareness around their physical self, improving eating habits, skincare, sleep patterns and exercise regimes. They learn to love the skin they are in & the body that will carry them through life.


It’s a big topic that requires discussion and support as young people’s emerging sexuality consumes a key aspect of adolescence. All the messages of sex, sexuality and the “hook-up” culture adolescents are impacted daily with, contributes to their overwhelm and affects self-worth.

COACHING HELPS in having those awkward conversations and encourages communication at home. Talking can help normalise their fears and concerns whilst giving them a safe space to explore their identity and future self. They also learn about self-respect and safety.


There is a dangerous drug and alcohol culture and availability is relatively easy for teens today, with 1-in-2 year 8s experimenting with alcohol.

COACHING HELPS with developing or figuring out their stance on drugs and alcohol and how they preferably will choose to avoid or minimise their use of it in their life through making informed decisions and developing strength of character to say “NO!”.


Frightening statistics report 7-9 hours per day on average is being spent on some electronic device or another. Other reports state that teens are impacted by over 200,000 media images/messages per month portraying sexually suggestive content – and it is addictive.

COACHING HELPS with self-discipline in how much media is accessible, what and when. It can be emotionally and psychologically damaging, so battling against the belief that what they see is ‘normal’ is an important lesson. They have it within their power to change their perceptions limiting exposure and impact.


There are so many different options, pressures and choices kids face today, be it at school, home, work, in friendships, dating relationships or life. There are good and bad choices, and some mistakes help them learn and grow. In some instances, there is no right or wrong, it’s just what is right for them right now.

COACHING HELPS with conversations around choices that guide them in developing a strong ability to make decisions using their inner voice; stepping back, assessing a situation and asking themselves questions that will lead them to a desired outcome, wary of the ‘ripple effect’ and consequences.

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