Private Life Coaching Sessions

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Foundation Package - 6, 8 or 12 sessions

Maintenance Package - 6, 8 or 12 sessions
Includes tools and materials

* 'Maintenance' Packages available after completion of 'Foundation' Package.
* 3-6 months recommended for desired results.


Coaching testimonial from a mother and 15-yr old daughter...



“She started taking things on board. It’s given her more confidence; she’s more centred in herself and one thing I have noticed; she’s been happier; lighter in her personality, laughing and joking more. Even in her interactions with her brothers. Our relationship is a lot calmer, there’s a lot more willingness to talk genuinely, to interact. The coaching process has been a lot less confronting, friendlier and safer than previous therapy which was a constant reminder there was something wrong."


15yr old:

“I really started to notice within 2 weeks how it was helping me. Arguments with my mum used to be every day. Having a coach helped me progress more. It’s having someone sit down with you helping you go through different alternatives. The win/win strategy has helped benefit both sides. My relationship with my mum has changed a lot. She trusts me a lot more. I can go out with my friends, and do things without her worrying so much. I have more freedom, I got myself a job and a mobile phone. We have a more friendly relationship and she is more supportive. Coaching showed me how I can change or work with who I am, discovering my identity, strengths, weaknesses. It helped with all that.”