LifeSkills @TheHub 

Small-Group Talks & Workshops for Life’s Big Milestones  

Are you (or do you have) an 18-25-year-old leaving school, uni or home? 

Taking a gap year or entering the workforce?

Do they need some skills or know-how to manage their finances, relationships, or make some big or healthy decisions?

Life skills are imperative to navigate our way through life, giving us the knowledge, awareness, survival tools, and tactics that can get us through the overwhelming or tough times — and we can never have too many of them!


At The SELF Project, we’re excited to be meeting life head-on, with the launch of 'LifeSkills@TheHub’, created to informally connect small groups of young people with experts in a relaxed, safe, confidential and non-judgmental space. We'll be offering a variety of fun, informative and relevant topics and life skills to support self-development through the various milestones in a young adult’s life.  


Held at our Redfern, Sydney 'Hub':

Events are 90-minutes long, engaging, hands-on, myth-busting ‘Taster' talks after uni or work, during the week.

Workshops are half-day, interactive coaching held monthly, on weekends. 


Topics include:​

Managing Finances, Banking & Budgeting;

- Food Nutrition, Shopping, Storing & Cooking;

- Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing;

- Communication in Friendships & Relationships;

- Jobs, Interviewing & Career Direction; 

- Moving Out of Home, Living Alone & Sharing Space;

- Sexual & Physical Health & Wellbeing;

- Buying, Running and Owning a Car;

- Understanding & Negotiating the Medical & Legal Systems;

...and there are loads more! 

There's sure to be something for everyone, and we will always welcome topic suggestions. You can choose to attend as many or a few as you like! Discount packages are available.