“Drama-Free Friendships"

For Girls


School Year: 6-8

Max.: 10ppl

These fun, bite-size, 3-part, interactive life-coaching workshops will help girls learn how to:

  • Choose and keep their good friends;

  • Question the value of others

  • Be a better friend to the ones that matter 

  • Push against social expectations to mix in certain ‘cliques’

  • And take good care of themselves

Session #1 – Why Do We Need Friends? What Makes Them True Friends?

  • Why are friends so important to me?

  • How do I attract the RIGHT friends?

  • What are all the different types of friends?


Session #2 – How Do I Choose True Friends? What Should I Expect From Them?

  • How do I choose who to be friends with?

  • What are Values and what are MY VALUES?

  • What is Self-Worth and Self-Respect ?

  • How to take care of myself when I’m upset


Session #3 – What Type Of Friend Am I? What Type Of Friend Do I Want To Be?

  •  What makes me a good friend?

  • What does ‘being authentic’ mean?

  • How could I be a BETTER friend?


Length: 2½ hours x 3 consecutive weeks

Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm


05, 12, 19


07, 14, 21


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What they said...

"My daughters attended the SELF Program's 3-day Summer Camp. They loved every minute of it and came home with so much useful knowledge about themselves and relationships with others. The tools they learned will be really useful as they start this new school year. Caroline was warm and inviting, and the girls loved working with her and her team. They are looking forward to the next camp to expand on their knowledge!" 


"My 11 year old thoroughly enjoyed her 3-day workshop with Caroline. I think this program created a safe place to investigate topics that pre-teens often think about but don’t necessarily have the opportunity to discuss openly."


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