Working in a safe space of
Prevention, Positivity and Possibility.

We are all a wonderful work in progress and at The SELF Project, I'm dedicated to supporting our future adults on their journey through the maze of life's challenges. We could all use a cheer-leader by our side and starting young, life can get pretty stressful and emotional. As a parent, it's a roller-coaster ride when you may feel alone or not know where to turn for help and support!


Using various positive, forward-thinking strategies, I coach teens and young adults in identifying and overcoming their challenges and concerns, supporting them in their personal growth and helping them to develop goals. Accompanying them on their personal journey, they come to understand and appreciate who they are now and who they want to become. The stress and uncertainty diminish, being replaced with self-knowledge and more confidence for the future.

My passion to improve my client's overall sense of well-being, self-belief

and outlook on life, helps them to realise their strengths, become better 

communicators, more self-motivated and able to trust their innate

abilities. Using self-reliance and self-determination, they build the 

confidence to make empowering choices and achieve their goals to

ultimately reach their potential.

If you have a teen or young adult who needs a cheer-leader,

or know of anyone who would benefit from some outside

support to help find their best SELF, life coaching is a gift

and a lifetime investment.


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Caroline Lewis - Teen and Young Adult Life Coach
*Teen Wisdom Inc Coaching System. Individual results will vary. Based on anecdotal research.