Hanging out at Vaucluse House chasing my love of architecture!
My original home…London!
Running a fun workshop on trust and communication for yrs 7-9
Running a fun friendship workshop
My mum is 95 and my role model for resilience, hard work and sticking at things.
If you can’t contact me, it usually means I’ve gone off grid to be in nature.
Yup, that’s me on my hiking lunchbreak!
I have a thing about life! I kinda love it!
My Vision Board – one of our fun workshop activities.
I’m usually behind my lens, viewing the beauty of life.

Life is a Journey. Not a Destination...

That is one of my favourite mantras – it’s our life experiences that create who we are along the way. There is no race to get ‘there’ (wherever ‘there’ is) despite us being called the ‘human race’!

And there is no single time frame – or box, for that matter – for everyone to fit into.

So, what led me to life coaching? 

My Personal Mission Statement




To promote equality and fair treatment of others;


To help young people find their true self, their voice, their intrinsic strength and their place in this world, to make an impact of their own;


To stand for and live by my standards, morals and values, in whichever role I am in;


To know that at the end of my life, I will have tried, tasted, seen, experienced, loved, embraced energetically, all that I could.


To live with no regrets.

To wake up daily with passion and purpose.

To make a difference, no matter how small, in one person’s day - even just with a smile.


To find time to be around beauty; in nature or man-made.


To live a life not limited or restricted by boundaries, borders, distance, ethnicity or race; sharing ideas and knowledge.


 To be responsible and accountable, or go off-grid – my choice;


Adolescent Life Coach & Mentor

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