Helping the adults of tomorrow become their best SELF today!

Welcome to The SELF Project!

Life coaching is a great way to help guide and support your teen or young adult through the often confusing,  challenging and uncertain shift toward adulthood. 


Those early years can cause overwhelm in a myriad of ways; in physical or hormonal changes, social or parental forces, work or school pressures or realistic concerns about their future. These changes can manifest as high stress, low self-esteem, procrastination or poor choices relating to friendships, relationships and academic performance. And let's face it, all this can make life at home pretty challenging!

Coach Caroline Lewis works with teens 13-18yrs and young adults 19-30yrs, supporting them through this period of questioning and growth. Caroline combines the empowering USA-based Teen Wisdomâ„¢ Inc life coaching system, with her future-focused, creative and common-sensical coaching style to tackle the Top 10 Teen Issues.


Clients leave sessions with greater self-confidence, self-awareness and accountability, with effective tools and strategies to integrate into their daily life, helping them to achieve their individual goals.


To start your future adult on their journey of SELF-discovery contact Caroline on +612 9318 5000 or


ACKNOWLEDGING your beauty, strengths, talents with positive self-talk.

RESPECTING and investing in your body with lifestyle, nutrition and exercise choices to carry you healthily through life.

CREATING great dating relationships, increasing personal respect & choosing only healthy interactions.


HARNESSING your fears to become more confident in your beliefs.

IDENTIFYING stressors to tackle with stress-busting tools.

GOAL-SETTING to balance studies, social life and family expectations.

FINDING your voice to speak your mind, get what you need and reach a Win/Win in any situation.


CHOOSING true friends; people who build you up and make you feel good about yourself.

KNOWING how to deflect bullying, protect others & survive the school yard.

COMMUNICATING to make your feelings known, be heard & understood.

FORMING mature relationships with parents & mentors to find safety in asking for help.


BUILDING emotional power and resilience, accepting and overcoming life’s challenges.

INCREASING confidence and resourcefulness to reach your greater potential.

EXPLORING new life skills, tools and tactics to be the best YOU you can be.

EMBRACING your identity to stand in your own self-worth,  creating your unique personal brand.

What is Life Coaching?

UNDERSTANDING how and where you fit and function in your family, community and world.

Embracing your uniqueness to stand in your own worth.

Embracing your uniqueness to stand in your own worth.

Why Coaching is right for me... 

Therapy vs. coaching | The SELF Project | Caroline Lewis | Teen Life Coaching | Sydney

I need


to help me stop

procrastinating, get motivated, set goals, time-manage and 

prioritise my workload,

sports. family & 

social life.

I get overwhelmed & then worry about my future direction. If there was someone as well as mum or dad who looks at things from a different perspective it would help reduce some of the stress and 'fear of the unknown'.

To start the journey phone or email Caroline Lewis for a
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There's so much pressure to fit in at school. I wish I had more courage to choose better friendships. 

I'd like to be more 

self-confident, happier with my body and to 'get', love & accept the 'real' me.

I want to get on better with my parents, be able to talk about what's going on for me & not argue

    with them so


I’m going through so many changes at school; in my body, with my emotions & my friendships. How do I manage it all?

I don't want

to feel bad if I

don't want to have

sex, drink or do drugs, but there's so much peer pressure.